Hustle. Connect. Share. Repeat. — A Four-Step Formula for Achieving Your Goals
Jill Falk


“To be a champion, I think you have to see the big picture. It’s not about winning and losing; it’s about every day hard work and about thriving on a challenge. It’s about embracing the pain that you’ll experience at the end of a race and not being afraid. I think people think too hard and get afraid of a certain challenge.”
-Summer Sanders

-The Hustle

You’ll never get anywhere if you never do anything. You have to hustle to even start to go anywhere. You have to work hard and give it everything you have. If you do not know something, go teach yourself whatever it is you need to know or take a class. If you do not have something so do whatever it takes to get whatever you need. Do the research you need to do, whatever it takes do it. You have to show how bad you want it.

I will need to research and be aware of what’s going on in the industry. If I come across unfamiliar lingo I need to figure out what its saying. If I do not know how to do something, I will experiment and figure out how to do it. I need to read more about the industry. I should take time every day and surround myself with things I need to research.

-Make Connections

The connections you make matter when you start to find a job. The connections help you branch out, they help put your name out there and they help share your work. Your connections are your mentors, the people who teach you, the people who know what you’re capable of, and the people who are going to push you.

Making connections as soon as possible is the best thing to do. Reach out to people, let them know you admire their work and ask them to mentor you and if they say no find someone else. I can follow people on Twitter, reach out to them on there by liking their tweets and retweeting their tweets.

-Share Yourself

Do not be afraid to put your work out there, you’ll have to share it someday. During the hustle phase I will work to improve my portfolio and I can add pieces. Some of the pieces from where I have experimented and tried new techniques I can share. When I do this I’ll only listen to the criticism from people who are trying to help not the people trying to put me down. I will stay positive no matter what they say. Staying positive will help me conquer my fear and ignore my inner critic.


There is never an end to this process. There is always room to improve and always something new to learn. I will always be looking for new connections to make. I will always have new work out. I continuously be striving to move forward.

“Success is achieved and maintained by those who try and keep trying.” -W. Clement Stone