The Lost Brotherhood

A part of me longs for a Brotherhood.

With no lands to discover. No great war to fight in. And no new adventures.
I have to ask myself…

Where is my modern Brotherhood?

I feel lost.

I don’t know what examples to exemplify. What belief system to drive my convictions. What goals are worth sacrificing for. What matters in Life.

As globalization continues to transform both the inner and outer worlds I can’t help but notice it’s leaving nothing in its wake.

No belief system. No great vision. No values to uphold.

Everyone is projecting their values.
Everyone is an individual.
Everyone wants to be the main character.

I want to share life’s secrets with a band of thieves.
I want to conquer evil with a band of brothers.
I want to be in service to something greater than myself.

Brotherhood. That’s what I want.

Thick as Thieves

The world is a cold, hard place.
Those who steal, manipulate and hoard only make it worse.
We live in a world overrun by the pathology of Banksters.

An Outlaw Hero for Every Age: The Enduring Legend of Robin Hood

A part of me knows we’ve deluded ourselves. We’ve bought into the narrative.

We want to play the Banksters game. But it’s a horrible game. They’ve pulled the wools over our eyes and convinced us we’re the wolves. It’s not the case. We’re fighting for scraps and we refuse to take from the dinner table.

Where is the Brotherhood… No where is the Band of Thieves willing to sacrifice for the greater good? To fight back. The brotherhood, thick as thieves, confiding in each other Life’s deep secrets. The Band of Thieves who live with righteousness. The brothers with the conviction to stand in the shadows, so others may flourish in the light.

Where is it?

I see the Banksters. But I don’t see the Thieves.

Band Of Brothers

Warriors. The protectors. The ones willing to sacrifice for what is good.

What happened to “All for one and one for all!

Where did that go?

Fleeting moments. That split second. A feeling of deep connection with the Brothers around You. A step you didn’t know you had in you is taken. A conviction you didn’t know you had is awoken. A challenge worth challenging is taken head on — with conviction.

A Warrior’s spirit was ignited.

We’ve all had these moments.

War is not to be desired. But a Warrior is.

Men with rough edges. Crass in all the right ways. A reminder that the world is a cold, hard place and sometimes you have to fight fire with fire. A Band of Brothers willing to integrate their shadows dancing on the walls.

Where is it?

I see the War. But I don’t see the Warriors.

A New Adventure

The 21st Century demands of Men to forget the lessons of yesteryear.

Throwing away the broken ideas, failed institutions and internalized stories which no longer serves ourselves and the brothers around us.

The Hero’s journey. The Anti-Hero’s Journey.
Desire to dominate which we do not fully understand.
Archaic rituals. Broken belief systems. All of it.

The Brotherhood is lost because it’s time to write a new story.

Again. Reshape our values. Relearn the timeless rituals.
Bring order to a chaotic world.
Unifying the light and shadow into a new Hero.

Adventure awaits.

We just have to rewrite the story.



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