Comparison of AADHAR seeding by two banks

Recently, Banks have started to remind customers to link their AADHAR number with their bank accounts. I have two different savings accounts — one that claims to provide “6% interest on savings account” (of course with an asterisk) and the other that used to claim . “It never sleeps”. We will look at the following elements of the process.

  1. Invite customers to link Aadhar with bank account : — Banks have to inform the account holders and provide them with instructions / steps on how to link Aadhar with the SB account.
  2. Process of Linking the accounts : — The actual steps an user has to complete in order to link the AADHAR number with bank account.
  3. Outcome :- What happens when the steps are followed.

Both the banks started the process by sending a SMS

2. Process :-

Service Execution

It is interesting to note that while both the banks serve the urban community and have mobile apps —

“6% Interest” bank extended this service in their mobile app

“Never sleeps” bank chose to get this done via SMS.

Quality of instructions

“Never sleeps” banks instruction was complete. The steps started the process of seeding.

“6% Interest” banks instruction was incorrect, while the SMS points to profile page, the AADHAR seeding was not present in profile page. It took some snooping to figure out that it was hidden away amongst other services the app provides.


“Never Sleeps” — sent a SMS back that the Aadhar seeding is initiated and will respond back after validating the Aadhar number against the UIDAI database

“6% Interest” — shines here, once the details are provided, it did an online validation, got a validation SMS from UIDAI and once OTP was entered, confirmed that Aadhar seeding is completed.

While there is no pressing deadline, “6% Interest” seemed to help me get over with the “task” of linking whereas “never sleeps” is working on the issue.

what has been your experience on the same?