Dr. Kam Habibi : A mission to save people from hurricane Maria

Calamities not only destroy a person’s home but their dreams and hopes; the memories get shattered and the people get so much stressed with these events that they lose hope. But counseling makes them better and they can then think better of their life.

Counseling can do wonders if given properly; a person who gets traumatized with the events may take a long time to recover but if they are helped and counseled by a good being, then it is really worth.

Dr. Kam Habibi is an inspiring person with a mission to save people from hurricane Maria and has effectively done it. When he came to know about the warnings of the hurricane, he assembled his team of experts and asked them to be ready for the mission saving. As a doctor, Kam Habibi is aware of the consequences and circumstances he would face on the island of Puerto Rico.

Dr. Habibi was aware of that once the hurricane hit, there would be no chance to go there and start the mission; He gathered his experts and prepared them for the emergency services that would be needed in the hour. The attentive move made by Dr. Habibi was appreciative and it helped the administration to save many lives that could have gone.

Kam Habibi helped in setting some temporary camps and was supportive in every condition; albeit, many people lost hope during this time, but Habibi assured them everything would be fine in a few days. This assurance was enough to awaken the youth and they started accompanying the other experts to help the locals.

Hospitals in Puerto Rico lost their electricity supply, which made the life of the patients difficult, especially on ventilators. Habibi as a doctor immediately helped the patients, and with the assistance of local people, somehow managed to bring the electricity and the patients were relieved due to this.

Kam Habibi not only guided the people, but was there even when the Hurricane Maria halted, and helped the people with basic medicines and counseled them to his best. As a doctor, Dr. Bahram Habibi knows the importance of counseling in such kind of situation, and this proved helpful for many people.

Dr. Bahram Kam Habibi is an epitome of humanity, who knows the value of human life, and was there at the end so that no single soul suffered at the hand of nature.