Okay. Here are the things that matter, after you’ve done the write-like-no-one-cares part, and the write consistently part, and you find yourself posting to an empty void.
What to do if no one reads what you write.
Shaunta Grimes

I’ve abandoned my 4-year-old travel blog because I felt sick and tired of exposing myself so much. I always worried if the things I was posting were… appropiate. Now I’m starting all over again here, anonymously, with literally 10 followers or so. And whenever I see one lonely green heart below my post I remind myself — hey, look at the bright sides. You can finally write whatever the fuck you want, no one knows you, no one reads you, no one cares! And even though it won’t be like this forever (I hope) I’m sort of glad with all that new freedom I got. Writing-like-no-one-cares is a sweet spot. 😀

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