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Hear my heart, learn about my story, and come be apart of a life changing journey!

Hey everyone, welcome to my first blog of many about my travels around the world! I am so very pleased to say that I have been given the opportunity to travel to Australia and Papua New Guinea with YWAM. I can’t wait to embark on this journey, and I hope you will join me!

One of the huts found in Papua New Guinea: Photo taken by Catherine McGrath

First of all, what is YWAM? Youth With A Mission is a worldwide Christian movement that offers global opportunities for volunteers from diverse backgrounds to care, connect, serve, and build with individuals and communities.

Many of you are probably wondering what my journey consists of. Well, let me tell you. I will spend the first three months of my journey in Townsville, Australia. During this time I will be staying at the YWAM base with my fellow teammates. Together we will be listening to lectures from guest speakers from around the world. Each week will focus on a different topic, designed to deepen our relationship with Christ, and give us a better sense of our identity in Christ. After those 3 months, my journey will continue in Papua New Guinea, where I will be working with kids. I’m not quite sure of what my journey entails throughout these two months, but I’m excited to be serving kids, and spreading the love of God.

Although this is an amazing opportunity, it might seem out of the blue to some of you. Let me answer the question you all are probably wondering, why embark on this journey?

Me with Alma, one of the children of the family we built the house for in Mexico

As far back as I can remember I have always wanted to do missions work. When I was little I dreamed of being able to travel the world and to make an impact on people. My first opportunity to do this was when I spent ten days in Haiti serving kids through a Vacation Bible School. I’ve also taken multiple trips to Mexico spending weekends in orphanages, and spending a week building houses for a family that was in need. But this was all limited due to the fact that I was still in high school.

Once I graduated I thought about taking a year off and traveling the world, but no opportunities came up, and I ended up going to school at Vanguard University. I would have loved to say everything was amazing from the start, but unfortunately I hit a few hard bumps in the road. It was difficult to get adjusted to being away from Linfield, the school I had spent my entire life at. I felt like I finally was starting to adjust to life at school by the time Christmas break came. But unfortunately I coulnd’t say that life was easy just yet. I dealt with some pretty major personal stuff over Christmas break that felt like life had knocked me down pretty hard. And just to add the icing on the cake, my best friend at the time, couldn’t afford Vanguard anymore, and had to leave. I went back to school after break feeling pretty lost. I didn’t even want to finish the semester. But one of the greatest lessons I have learned over these past couple of years, is that God always has a plan.

Going back to school second semester, I didn’t want to be at Vanguard anymore. I really just wanted to drop everything all together and leave the country to get a fresh start. But God’s funny in the way that He allows us to have what we want, as long as He still has a say in it. I came across YWAM Townsville, and instantly knew that it was what I was supposed to do. I was ready to take a year off of school, leave the country, and spend some time figuring out what I wanted to do with my life. I quickly applied to YWAM and eagerly waited to hear if I had been accepted.

But, all of a sudden things started to shift. I became super close with the girls on my floor and I started to feel like Vanguard was my home, except there was only one problem: I had already applied to YWAM to take the entire year off of school. After a while of praying, thinking, and talking with people, everything started to fall into place. I asked the YWAM staff if I could switch my trip to July instead of October that way I would only miss a semester of school instead of a year. I thought it was a long shot, but to my surprise they said, “Yeah, no worries!” Long story short, within those next couple of weeks, my application was accepted, and I had already received a couple anonymous donations; one for $1,400 and one for $500. That’s not the last time I saw God work though. I went to the financial aid office at Vanguard to tell them that I would be leaving for a semester, and they said, “Oh no problem, we’ll just defer everything for the semester. If you were leaving for a year, you would have to reapply to the school and for all of your financial aid again.” I couldn’t believe it. In just a few weeks I went from feeling completely lost, to feeling like God had just laid out the next steps of my life right in front of me.

A few kids in Papua New Guinea: Photo taken by Catherine McGrath

Now that you’ve heard a little bit about my heart and my journey, this is the part where you come in! I am so very pleased to say that I have raised over 2/3 of my funds! While this is such an amazing accomplishment, I’m still in need of some funds! I still need $3,500 to cover the trip cost, $500-$1,000 of spending/living money and $100-$200 for clothes and extra expenses.

If you feel led to donate, you can go to my GoFundMe page at However, just know that GoFundMe does take a 5% profit for themselves. You can also email me at if you want to donate in a different way.

I would also really appreciate it if you could keep me and my team in your prayers! Be praying for safety and good health, easy travels, that my team and I would leave a lasting impact on everyone we interact with, and for a deeper relationship with Christ.

If you would like to embark on this journey with me, please feel free to subscribe to this blog so you can make sure you get all of the latest updates and notifications! Also feel free to friend me on Facebook, or follow me on twitter!

Thank you so much for everything as I would not be here if it wasn’t for all of you!

— Kami Crume

The beautiful smiles of some kids in a village in Papua New Guina: Photo taken by Catherine McGrath
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