So close, yet so far…

The world we live in is closing in on us day by day. For the newbies, I grew up in Canada until I was 10 and England until I was 14, then moved to Georgia, in the United States. What does that make me exactly? Well, I thought I was Canadian but actually, I was born in Indiana. Long story short (not really), my mother married an Air Force guy, had me in Indiana and then shortly after he cheated on her (yea dad, I know) she moved back home to Canada… so that makes me an American, not a dual-citizen, that I know if anyway.

So let’s go ahead and call this beer #6 (probably 8 but I lost count), and Google + my keyboard = overdrive. Tonight, I decided to look up friends from days past. People who (whom?) I admired, had fun with, or just plain miss in my life. The problem is, some peoples names are really common (Try looking up Samuel Jackson and not coming up with the actor); or some just don’t use social media… shocker, I know. Yet, I’ve been able to connect with most of my classmates from Canada, and several of my classmates from England. Ironically, not many from when I was in the military.

Sometimes social media is amazing. I can visit my family in Canada once every year or so… I really try every year because my Grandmother isn’t getting any younger… but it’s difficult. Money wise, and the 15 hour drive really put a damper on things but social media keeps our family connected. I don’t actually get to talk to my Grandmother but I do get to hear what’s going on up there from my aunts, uncles and cousins and that’s nice. I even get to talk to family who has moved to New Zealand for a job!

On the other hand, sometimes all of this technology is quite frustrating. There are 2 people in particular that I’m looking for that I just can’t connect with even though I should have all of the connections I need… well, 15–20 years ago, anyway. It reminds me that unless you accept technology and choose to connect to others, you will not be found! Besides, if you don’t know someone’s email address or someone who is connected with them personally, you might as well forget it. So, I guess my point is, when you find people you enjoy being around and connect with, don’t be shy about collecting contact information… you may never get a second chance.

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