Who will begin designing the blueprint of the next AirBnB or Uber in education? Or should we simply leave it to Amazon, Google or .. Facebook?
“Education Is Ripe For Disruptive Change”
Camille van Neer

I think I don’t understand this. Do we need a business model around unschooling? Isn’t it essentially incompatible with the nature of capitalism, precisely because knowledge is abundant and can be disseminated at near zero marginal cost? As soon as we apply a business mindset here, school credits will become commodities, and since you can’t charge anymore for public domain information, parents are charged for the seal of approval of some accreditation institute (that is the only possible business model here apart from advertising and we don’t want to go there). This would reintroduce anxiety, this time also affecting the child’s home environment.

So, I think if we are using internet metaphors homeschooling should be more like the old craigslist. No bottom lines, no business cases. No blueprint. Just honest attention and sharing experience between parents of how to invoke in their children a genuine fascination with the world, which really is the greatest thing a teacher can ever give.

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