Eight Twitter accounts to follow by iOS Developer

My private list of Twitter accounts worth to follow for iOS developers. Some are more, some are less related to software development, but all of them have valuable or funny tweets connected to Apple ecosystem.

Ray Wenderlich

The face of http://www.raywenderlich.com the biggest page with iOS related tutorials. Ray Wenderlich not only tweets about a post from his site but often retweets others useful information.

Riley Testut

This young developer is a creator of GBA4iOS, an application that despite never was on App Store, has more download than many commercial successful apps. Riley is also huge Apple fan.

Krzysztof Zabłocki

A great developer from Poland. Creator of Foldify application. Krzysztof Zabłocki runs an iOS blog and he is also very active in Open Source community.

Felix Krause

Did you use Fastlane? No? You should. It saves me a lot of time on generating pem keys, certificates, provisioning profiles and Felix Krause is a creator of this great chain of tools.

Marcin Krzyzanowski

Another great iOS developer with blog worth to follow. If you are interested in Swift, please follow Marcin Krzyzanowski.

Paul Haddad

Main developer of the great and the only Tweetbot app. It’s worth to follow also other Tapbots guys Mark Jardine (designer) and Todd Thomas (Mac app developer).

not Jony Ive

Account not related with software development, but highly related with Apple. I think it is must to follow by every Apple devices user.

Here is my small list. Do you know other people worth to follow? I encourage you to write them in a replay or even write an own blog post (I’ll be happy if you mention my post, so I get a notification about it).

If you are still looking for more people to follow on Twitter, please consider my humble person.

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