First Encounter

I let my deep breath out and opened my eyes. Lately I’ve been craving for something but I don’t even know what it is.

Not knowing what to feel is draining.

I tried coping up by hiding away in music, movies and novels. It worked for a while.. until it took too much of my self that I avoided reality.

I looked at my reflection on the window’s glass - my facial reaction reminded me that I was spacing out, again.

I figured I just need to chill and stop overthinking. I ate a chocolate and finally got up.

As I paved my way I saw this guy lost in his own thoughts. He looked more worried than sad. I stopped walking, blankly stared at him, and analyzed our situation. Should I feel relieved that I’m not the only one who finds life complicated? Or should I feel sorry for him because he’s another weighed-down soul?

“Hey,” I greeted.

He snapped back to reality, slowly turned his head and shared an empty gaze at me.

“You look dazed.. Eat this.” I tossed him a piece of chocolate.

“Endorphins.” I gave out a shallow smile and left.

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