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Kamila Zahradnickova

Pulsing banners can put your clients through intense pain or sheer agony, distracting sounds are annoying and the idea to stoop so low as to combine both — to create a combination so abusive that it has a fair potential to cause epileptic seizure even to a completely healthy individual, is simply repulsive.

Is it even possible to catch your clients´attention without putting them through these inhuman practices?

Heavy ads rely on automatic responses that have helped the human species survive in the hostile wilderness: they directly attack our sensitive perception of sound and light. But we encounter tons of…

Get practical tips on how to use insights from behavioral science to enhance your copywriting.

Robert Cialdini certainly deserves a spot in our fictional modern marketing Hall of Fame. As one of the most influential psychologists today, his records show more than 250 conducted studies and feature bestselling books such as Pre-suasion (1) or The Small Big (2). If you haven´t heard of him yet, drop everything and go watch a finely animated video. You will be updated with the key results of the almost 40 year-long search for answers in decision-making and agreement.

So why did you decide…

Kamila Zahradnickova

applying behavioural science into design-related fields • • corgis are my spirit animal

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