To The ‘Cosmopolitan’ Editors Who Offered Cancer As Diet Advice
Your Fat Friend

I often wonder why people choose not to show responses especially when they are calling out other authors on something.
I’m really sorry about the fact that you’ve lost your grandfather and also for the fact that you had to go through the pain of living with an eating disorder.

But I have to say, that allthough I don’t read the “Cosmopolitan” at all, because of your post, I’ve read the article.

Everyone is entitled to his/hers own opinion, so allow me to disagree with yours. 
I literally couldn’t find none of those terribly damaging things that you claim that this article is inflicting. Instead, I’ve read about a woman who lost a lot of weight for health reasons, through sensible eating and a type of exercise tailored to her (at that time) physical limitations. The article described her food struggles and the fact that the binges weren’t healthy (she admitted to it herself). Moreover, the article actually described the many healthy steps, that she was trying to take on her path to having a HEALTHY body. It wasn’t the vanity and the article doesn’t encourage catching a disease as a way to improve your silhouette. 
Now, I don’t want to dig to deep, but I know that people who are struggling with their body images and eating disorders most likely would take any kind of article like that as an attack on their bodies or lifestyles. 
The author doesn’t glorify cancer as a way to loose weight, it glorifies a strong woman who — for the sake of having a healthy body for herself and her family — despite the disease, decided to take a stand. Let me quote the woman in question. This is what Simone has said about her fight: “ I jokingly tell people that I got into a fight with a bear to sound tough. But surviving what I actually went through to get this scar, makes me even tougher.”

I actually think that her story may help and encourage other woman in her situation.

I might have missed it, but I don’t think that you’ve attached the link to that article. Just to balance out the two sides of the story, this is the link to the article

I do wish you all the best on your journey Your Fat Friend