Stop Yelling About What Poor People Eat
Chris Newman

My grandma and her family survived the war. She told me, that very often they didn’t have food so she, as a little girl (but the oldest of three) had to walk door to door with a basket and ask the neighbours for food. The neighbours didn’t have a lot too, but the basket was rarely empty. My point is, that these days we simply lack a sense of sharing in our communities. When I go back to my country and a neighbour comes in to borrow a few eggs and a loaf of bread, my grandma always gives away what she can.
Another thing is, that I vividly remember the times (it didn’t last too long, but I won’t forget it) when my mum (being a single parent) wasn’t quite sure how and with what to feed me and was really working some serious magic with the little food that she had. This is also how I learned not to eat processed food. First, we couldn’t afford anything that would be processed and second, I remember that the old fashioned handmade bread with salt and butter (if we were lucky) and some full-fat milk, kept me fuller for longer than the very rare fast food burger. 
This is how I learned to put nutrition first. All the women in my family were cooking and I learned how to cook too. We pretty much ate homemade meals made from scratch. This is how I live now and this is how my kids will be living and eating too.

Education is the foundation here. People need to want to eat nutritious food and they won’t want to eat it if they won’t know the benefits. This is why I’m a strong advocate of serving very basic, simple, nutritious (again, balanced food in schools and it’d be beautiful if all the kids could have access to it. Unfortunately, I’ve read some horror stories about the quality of school meals in America in compare to other countries. Another thing to tackle obesity in any group is to promote physical activity. But I’m getting off the track here. What I wanted to say was that I truly admire people like you, Chris, I completely agree with you in every sense and please keep fighting your good fight! Mr. Folta should stick a cabbage in this one place where nothing ever grows. 
I also wanted to mention that this little creature on your picture is incredibly cute :-)

( almost forgot, please have a look at the link below as I think that this might interest you )

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