Jestes, to nieskończoność.

Jestes, to ciepło.

Jestes, to harmonia.

Więcej nie istnieje.

Więcej nie ma po co istnieć.

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Hamburg, Photo by Kamila Stępniowska CC-BY-SA

Last week I had a great pleasure attending two substantially different learning experiences. The first one — an elite conference organized by IDC, “Future of Work”. The second one — a cameral, participation-based, workshop covering Forest Kindergarten topic, organized by Pańswto Miasto. Two different formats and types of events. Paradoxically there was a common ground of the substance of the events: learning. There were the same leitmotivs 1) optimal circumstances for learning? 2) the fear of the unknown as the barrier in learning processes.

From a learning perspective, the kids’ case is relatively easy. One of the common reasons why a child could be blocked in a learning process is their parents (or significant others’) fear. Often a child is not learning because their parents feel discomfort when their child is exploring the world. Feel uncomfortable when their kid has a dirty shirt while playing and have a great time. They might be worried that neighbors will see their child being muddy. They also might not feel comfortable with a fact that a child wants to explore on her or his own, without their help. I’m not seeing that’s always the case, but it seems that it is rather common. Parents, like all humans, are afraid of paters that they do not know and understand. If they were conditioned to do not play with mud when being kids, because their shirt might get dirty, there is a great chance that they will condition their own children the same way (at least if they don’t have trauma). At the same time, now we know that for children getting dirty from time to time is essential. Kids are learning with their bodies, by contact with the environment around them. They need to see, touch and even taste a thing to get an understanding of what it is. Personally (not a parent), I feel that it might be extremely hard for parents to allowed their children to explore. At the same time, we know that exploring works. If the parents will have this courage to let their child explore, their child will have a higher chance to be a better learner, driven by curiosity instead of fear. …


Don’t give me more than you want me to give.

Don’t expect me to be as you want me to be.

Be present,

we will figure this out!

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