Bitszer: Bitcoin powered auction house system that allows to buy or exchange resources across any participating game platform.

What is the idea behind Bitszer? When did you decided to start work on this project?

I first got the idea for Bitszer in 2013 when I read an article about gamers playing the popular online game world of Warcraft. But the gamers in the article never played the game instead choosing to trade items at the auction house all day. The article mentioned that there were thousands of gamers using the game in this manner, and I thought that gamers should have a way to quantify their game time value.

Which countries are using Bitszer most frequently?

Bitszer is still in its infancy. The code is complete for developers to download and integrate into their games, and we are working to make it more user friendly.

Why do you think Bitcoin is good payment tool for your platform?

Bitcoins have the advantage over fiat currency because person to person they are frictionless. They are also sub-dividable to near insignificance, meaning gamers will be able to trade low value items like consumables for fractions of a penny.

What are the possibilites of your platform?

Bitszer is going to be a game changer. Imagine two games side by side. They are identical except that one gives you the option to trade items with other players for bitcoins. What one would you choose to play? Even games you don’t normally associate with digital item transfers, like an endless runner game can benefit from Bitszer.

Where do you see Bitszer in 5 years?

It is inevitable that Cryptocurrencies will be integrated into games and Bitszer is leading the way. 10 years ago not many games used the freemium business model, now some of the most profitable games are “free”. Gamers are much more likely to spend money on a game if they can rationalize it as an investment. (If I buy an extra worker, I will be able to generate more consumables to sell on the auction house) therefore games with Bitszer will see an increase in the premium purchases.

How much does it cost to use Bitszer?

Bitszer is free for developers, Bitszer generates revenue by charging 3% from all in game transactions. This revenue is split 50/50 with the game developer.

Why would a game developer use Bitszer, why not create their own crypto currency system?

Bitszer has been in development for almost 2 years, including months of coding to make sure that the bitcoins are safe. Bitszer will help developers create new and exciting features while limiting risk. Being part of the Bitszer network will increase traffic because gamers will already have bitcoins they can use in your game. As well as provide a Creating the equivalent of Bitszer will add at least a year to a game release date.

What if a game developer tries to exploit the system by gifting valuable items to themselves and then selling those items on the Bitszer auction house?

Game developers who gift valuable items to themselves will lower the value of items in their specific game. Since Bitszer will run on multiple games and all items are traded using bitcoin, the bitcoin/Bitszer economy will not suffer but the individual game will. If indulged in too much the developer will crash his game economy and no gamers will play his games.

If you like the idea behing Bitszer, you can support their crowdfunding campaign here .

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