Interview with Topup24.

Topup24 is offering prepaid mobile recharge with bitcoin. Your mobile top up will be delivered to your given mobile number through a very simple and instant process.

What is the idea behind Topup24? When did you decided to start work on this project?
The core idea was to send digital gift within seconds to love ones living other countries. we did our best to produce a very secure, simple and instant online top up process so anyone can do it in three simple steps.

Which countries are using Topup24 most frequently?
People from Pakistan and China are using Topup24 more frequently.

Why do you think Bitcoin is good payment tool for top up payments?
Due to no charge back headache in bitcoin transactions, mobile top up payments are delivered %100 on time without an extra KYC compliance.

What is the average top-up delivery time?
The normal Top up delivery time is 10sec to one minute depend on the bitcoin payment confirmations. We are sending top-up after 3 bitcoin confirmations.

Where do you see Topup24 in 5 years?
We are looking forward to promote Topup24 all over the world in mobile recharge industry and strive to be on Top 5 position.

Do you see underbanked countries as a good potential market for your service?
There is no age, bank account or law barrier to have bitcoin wallet. People from countries with no banking tools can make good use of bitcoin wallets to obtain online digital services like Mobile Topup.

When did you first hear about bitcoin?
We are in bitcoin industry since 2010. we saw bitcoin moving up and down from $100 to $1000 plus and then from $1000 back to $250.

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