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What is the idea behind Bitglocal? When did you decided to start work on this project?

The idea behind Bitglocal is to allow local manufacturers or any person to have access to a global marketplace, in many cases, it is very complex or exists a lot of regulations and bureaucracy steps because of fiat currency use. Bitcoin is convenient for transfer value between countries without the necessity to pass by a bank or government institution, in several cases, it is a powerful force to destroy barriers and reduce the cost for smaller manufacturer or entrepreneurs.

When I decided to start work on it: Well, It was around the past year when I realize that bitcoin have a huge potential for international trade. That “aha! moment” when you see the news where bitcoin is tax-free in Europe and locals exchange are growing around the world. A situation like this push you to think, what if you sell a product in Europe with bitcoin? what if you sell a product in Latin America or Asia where there are capital controls?. Also, one of the strongest reason is because I am Venezuelan, and as everybody knows we are passing through the worst economic crisis on our time supporter by heavy regulation, control capital, price control, and so on. You don’t understand the meaning of financial freedom until you live in a central planning economy. Bitcoin could be a great force that allows people own their own money, and Bitglocal is here to put a little grain on it.

Which countries are using Bitglocal most frequently?
Currently, Argentina, Venezuela, Italy, Japan, Greece, Pakistan, Ghana, Spain, United States.

Why do you think Bitcoin is good payment tool for marketplaces?
Yes, it is a good payment tool when you work under orders, however when you need to confirm the fund in real-time as fast as possible it is a problem. Hope lighting network could improve it.

What is the average sold item price?
0.1 BTC or 45$ more or less

Where do you see Bitglocal in 5 years?
I see Bitglocal helping scaling local business to a global scale.

Do you see underbanked countries as a good potential market for your service?
Yes, actually they are one of our targets. We have a project to make an App that can run with low internet speed.

When did you first hear about bitcoin?
I heard about Bitcoin around 2011 but have a deep driving on it since 2013.

You can sell your own stuff for Bitcoin Bitglocal similar way to Etsy for example. I´m pretty sure with the sharing economy raising popularity this platform can bring easy to use ala Openbazaar solution for the non-geeks which could be good advantage for gaining new users on board.

So you if you have something to trade now, just feel free to check Bitglocal marketplace. “Think global, act local”

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