Fuck function. Lets make design pretty again.
Eden Vidal

Designers haven’t forget anything. But have you forgot who is paying to get those things done? Clients don’t want to pay for cute digital experiences with doubtful ROI that take years to build. It’s not even considered building brand awareness anymore, as people forget it the moment it loads more than 10 seconds or because no one liked it on facebook / instagram. Responsive web builds took months for some time, and doing Q&A before release became hell — it all had to look mint on all of those screens! Mobile, Social…all this digital boom pushed a change on how we create things. That’s why we do MVPs now, that’s why we want to learn fast and gather data to serve at the right things, thats why we user test. We do it to make products that matter for business, are helping users and are feasible technologically. Era of money spending spree on digital without sure outcomes is finished — and it’s a good thing. It made us rethink the way we do web.

But don’t worry! Web post-modernism is coming. Technology will catch up to web design trends (it kind of does already). We will be once again able to create great experiences and have fun doing it for brands that will want to pay again to communicate unique messages to people, and thankfully this time, with all those UI/UX patterns in interface design, and tech support behind — people will know how to navigate through them and focus on the designers intended message.

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