I found out that my girlfriend is a wh*re.

Hey, at first I want to tell you that if I call woman a “whore” she is, for sure, I say that only if woman deserved that. I’m young and you may think “ What he can know about love, womens!?” Trust me, I KNOW.

Iwas with girl named Joanna, she was beautiful, smart girl. We were together for ten months. I thought that everything is good, we were happy together. We both want to do this, you know — I mean sex. But in last moment she told that she isn’t ready. I didn’t want her to do something what she doesn’t want to do. I respected her mind. And we both decited that we will wait for better moment and we started to watch movies :)) I was sooo happy that she’s with me. Next day I was in such a lovely mood but when I came to school my friend told me something horrible. He told me that my “lovely” girlfriend fucked with my older brother. I couldn’t belived that! Did you know when she do that? In the same day when she told me “Oh Kamil, I’m not ready”. I couldn’t belive and I told him that he’s fucking jealous asshole. But I was think about it. I imangined this moment it was disgusting. I was very nervous! I was looking for her. I wanted to talk with her about it but I couldn’t find her. She wasn’t at school this day. I wasn’t want to stay at school so I decited go back to home. IT WAS BAD DECISION. When I came to home I heard groans.. I saw my brother putting his fucking dick to her pussy and .. them I belived for this what my friend told me at school. I was soooo angry. I punched my brother few times I threw my ex out of the house. She was crying, she told me that she love me, she pleased me to forgive. I loved her but I won’t forgive her that she is whore and she fucked with my brother. Jesus Christ it’s awful!!! I wasn’t talk with her at school, she rang me a lot. I said her just that I don’t want to know her, that she destroy my life. Thing that hurt me the most isn’t that she didn’t want to do this with me.. the most hurt me that she fucked my BROTHER.

After few months I almost forget what happened. All what I want to say is that in love you should be very CAREFUL. And also you can’t trust anybody for 100% because everybody can hurt you. Even if I’m young pleas listen me. I know how it hurts, I was thinking that it’s the only one, that it’s real love but it was wrong girl for me. Maybe it’s better for me, there is a lot of great girls. I will stop thinking about past and thinking about future.