Attribution is a huge pain point, even for the biggest businesses with access to abundant resources…
Cali Pitchel

Completely agree. Attribution is still a massive gap. I think that is because most attribution models assume some sort of linear path to purchase within X time frame (hence the VTC, CTC attribution windows in most PPC networks). In reality it’s not like that and the internet isn’t full of tracking links or other such things that tie it all together. It’s interesting you mention the big brands and their struggles with attribution, always assumed they had some secret sauce.

Brand definitely informs decisions. I’ve heard it multiple times about how a customer went with us (at different companies I worked at) because we have a great team and they just like us as people!

Honestly, I need to read some books on branding to wrap my head around it. Does it just happen or do you cultivate it? I can almost see parallels to the work/company culture conversations.

Super interesting to talk about this.