The right way to ask users to review your app
Matt Galligan

This was way to long to leave as a comment so I figured I’d make use of the response function in Medium.

No one likes the annoying pop ups, either on Apps or Blogs (that ask you to subscribe every time).

I might even take this a step further. Despite the fact I've been using and enjoying Circa for the past while. I skip over the ratings screen.


Perhaps it’s my innate laziness. I am not proud of it but actually writing a review and giving it 5 stars takes a little effort. Call it the Airbnb Fatigue.


What if there was a pre-filled rating text to go with my 5 stars every time I clicked the ‘Ok Sure’. Much like the Click to Tweet Model or how Medium grabs text+ screenshots of text I highlight and tweet. We’re all spoiled by the internet.

What? How?

I am sure Google Playstore doesn't allow an app to post ratings for it self (imagine the spam!) but perhaps a pop up with text that I can copy to my clipboard, paste into the text box when I rate the app, and make some edits before posting a rating? To me it’s almost like writing someone a recommendation letter. Ask them to draft something up, edit it yourself and send it back.

Not the right approach most likely. All the ratings would start to sound robotic and similar. That creates another interesting set of problems.