When Somebody Steals Your Medium Post

Bad things are happening at Medium. Here’s a short story what happened.

UPDATE (Dec 31st): The whole story got even weirder but I left the update at the end of the article.

I’ve met Yann Girard some time ago and ever since I’ve been following him on Twitter and Medium. He kept producing a lot of content - some of it pretty good and shareable and some of it just fine.

But what really makes him exceptional was his consistency.

Everyday I saw a tweet, an article or post by Yann and every day he get closer and closer to become an influencer. Even though I’m always sceptical about those LinkedIn or Medium influencers publishing highly spirited stories full of uber-general Brian-Tracy-like wisdom e.g. “What Making a Burger Taught Me About Business Communication” — well, I still respect Yann because he keeps going, because he keeps his integrity.

So what really pissed me off recently?

About 2 weeks ago he published a really nice post “Everything sucks” which lists all activities that sucks in the beginning: “your first 100 blog posts will suck, your first 5 books will suck” cause it all takes time, persistence and patience. It got 508 recommendations and made it into Medium’s Top Stories.

And he truely deserved it.

But yesterday I stumbled upon trending article published 5 days ago “You Will Always Suck at What You Do, Until You Do This” by CamMi Pham. Take a look at them:

Yann’s original post on the left (published Dec 18th), CamMi’s post on the right (published Dec 24th)

Well, let’s say CamMi article is “incredibely similar” to Yann’s and someone less diplomatic that me would say that it’s… a rip-off.

Did anyone notice? Did anyone care? Probably no. Only one person noticed in a comment section but it got lost in the rain of recommendations, likes and cheerful comments.

The only one who noticed

Will anyone notice? Will anyone care? Nope. Tomorrow another post will make to the Top, I’ll open my Medium app in the morning and will start scrolling dozens of new posts, occasionally recommending some of them.

Maybe the whole situation described above is the ultimate proof that Medium finally became an influential platform and authors are desperate to use any means to get publicity? Who knows.

After all I checked CamMi Pham’s previous posts and found one that actually proves her consistency: “If You Want to be Successful, Learn How to Steal”. Have a good read.

UPDATE (Dec 31st): I didn’t want to push it further but couple of readers on Medium and Twitter noticed that CamMi Pham article was published on her personal blog on Dec 17th (day before Yann’s). Well, here’s Google cache from Dec 23rd which might indicate that date on her blog was later changed from Dec 18th to Dec 17th: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:www.cammipham.com/category/ideas/ 
Moreover, here’s the screenshot proving that Google indexed this post on Dec 18th.

Screenshot of Google results proving that post was published on Dec 18th (language above is Polish).

PS. This is my 4th post at Medium and it probably sucks.

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