Self Analysis — Path to Self Mastery

It is very important that you, as a human being, take time in your day to analyze who you are, what your trying to achieve and the directions your heading towards. doing so will give you clarity in your self. by analyzing the self, you strip away all egotistical notions and get to the root of what you are living for. by focusing your awareness on the self, you begin to see what is coming and see how you fit into the future self. you begin to see what you have done and who you have become, knowing this and remembering this will give you a mental advantage as you understand greater how you, the self will respond and act. for example, if you have social anxiety and have difficulties in certain situations. focus your awareness within and analyze why you are socially inadequate, maybe it was a past experience, maybe your parents are the same and thus you developed their habits. because, this is a habit. and habits can be changed.

If your situation is indeed social anxiety, focus on your self, don’t judge thyself. instead, embrace your past and who you currently are and know wholeheartedly that you create your own future, you create your own destiny, if you want to become more socially accepted or socially adequate. start by focusing inward and develop positive feedback, do not say “i don’t fit in, everybody doesn’t like me” and so on. instead, accept your situation and change the i cant to i was and now i will because i can become. tell yourself you can become better in social situations. tell yourself it can be done. by analyzing the self, you get a better understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, this gives you the ability to work on those weaknesses. and in working on them, for example, by being more social, having more conversations, smiling more, you go back to self analysis and ask yourself. “how was my social skills compared to my previous situation, how did i do this time?, can i do better? can i change what i did or what i said in this certain situation?” by analyzing the self on a daily basis, you can unlock the potential to become anything you desire.

This skill can be done in any situation, in the gym, during family conversations, in your work and even in your business. if you feel stuck or keep getting the same or similar results and don’t know why, focus on yourself and ask these questions. self analysis leads to self development, and self development leads to self mastery of thyself.

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