The Art of Exercise in The Gym

“My body is my temple, and the gym is my zen garden” — Christopher A. Wilson

A common way people see the gym is just a gym, a place to work out, somewhere to go and get fit, have a laugh with fellow members and maybe the occasional hard workout. this is what most commercial gyms are seen as and are used for. From a psychological standpoint, the gym is just a gym and nothing more.While some see the gym as a playground their are few that see the gym as their place of peace, their place of building, cleaning and maintaining their temple which is the body.

The thing with commercial gyms and pretty much western society is that there seems to be a lack of self awareness, there seems to be a lack of self consciousness. Whether this is something we once possessed and lost or something new to the western world is irrelevant. People primarily exercise and workout for the purpose of improving ones health and overall wellness, be it lifting heavy weights or simply stretching. As you come to the gym to focus on your body, people still seem to be caught up in the external either by the music pumping through the speakers or other members working out. As you come into the gym to exercise, its important you focus on your goals and self. don’t get distracted by music videos or the tune it delivers, don’t be fooled by the people in the gym lifting weight, grunting. don’t be dazzled by that guy or girl who looks extra nice in their gym clothes. Instead, bring your attention to the self and focus on the internal world of your being.

By bringing your attention to the inner self during exercise, you begin to listen to the body and hear its message, you begin to understand the heart more during a cardiovascular exercise, you begin to understand your muscles and how they work when lifting or moving weight. gym exercise should be treated as conversation with the body, by listening to how it feels, how it responds to certain stimulus, you will develop a strong relationship on how your machine works and operates. Only then will you come to into self awareness which will stem into other areas of your life. after all we are not just working out our muscles in the gym, we also work out our mind and being. this is the art of exercise, this is what martial arts, yoga, tai-chi, and other forms of exercise are all about. by focusing on the internal instead of the external. we begin to understand how to body works.