UX Design Immersive: Opportunity Fund Scholarship Acceptance Speech
Kazumi Terada

I’m posting a comment I received from Dayako — an entelechist who activates people and enterprises to live their legacy and fulfill their contribution to humanity with velocity.

For me, your acceptance speech and self-examination opened up an inquiry of looking at ourselves as interactive products, systems and services- what are people’s experience of us — and how have we designed ourselves, how is that working, and how can we redesign certain aspects to have us be understood, appreciated and engaged in the ways we desire for the commitments and purpose we serve? …Actually my role is within the context of UX you describe — and is part of a greater redesign of how people view the world and examining their own roles of engagement in creating the future we desire — individually, collectively and collaboratively. Kazumi, one of many things I like about this UX exploration: The issues we face are so often stymied by emotions and reactions that thwart the process of discovering and implementing solutions — here, while honoring emotions — and the heart as moving and motivating powers, we can separate from them and look at situations and desired outcomes as design challenges — no right or wrong, and no one way to solve a problem, but how can we create workability that is also satisfying and fulfilling and at its best exhilarating and wondrous — opening up new ways of experiencing ourselves and our communities, and leading us to new ways of operating as a society.