Twitterpatted : A broken pencil

A broken pencil

“Hey! Do you have two pencil?” she asked. She with her smiles and her white-white teeth, Aww.

No, you don’t give pencil to a girl, boy only helps a boy.

Look at her smile and her shining skin…

You are going to break the boys code and you don’t have an extra pencil.

It’s okay, I’ll break mine.


“Hm… you can take it.” I broke my new long pencil with an attached eraser in two pieces. I sharped the pencil, I was smiling foolishly.

“Thank you.” Oh her teeth.

*Class over

“HEY… why did you gave that pencil to her?” the fat boy asked, i don’t know his name but he’s really strong and he scares people.

“It is my pencil not yours…huh” I said, I don’t like this boy.



“Or what will you do? TIN CAN, Ha-Ha.” don’t like this name.


“Aaahhhhh…” I fell, he pulled my chair, I heard lots of laughing and giggling, I started crying.

I heard her shouting something on the fat guy, but I was not listening at all. I was crying, I cursed for being in this class, being in 4th standard. So, I packed my bag and ran, and ran, until I was there. Where nobody could see me and say anything stupid or something. I wiped my nose with my handkerchief. Then I saw my lunch box and it had the same food, So I got more upset. I was eating and crying and wiping my nose and cursing everything with every possible non-abusive word. The reason I don’t abuse because Mommy said only bad boys abuse and I was a good boy.

“Hey! are you okay?” she asked.

WHAT? How did she find me? Go away.

Look at her skin, she looks like fairy.

Go away, stop looking at me.

Just look at her hair. Aww…


“Um…hmm…” I said, wiping my nose.

“You… okay?”

“Hmm…” I said.

“He does that to everyone, I’ll complain about him.” She said, how caring.

“You can do that?”


“Wow…” even though, I knew that I could complain but I never saw a girl taking side of a boy. What is she?

“Is that a Sandwich? I’m getting bored eating noodles; every day.” She asked in her cute smile, how could I say no. We shared each other lunch, it was the best noodles that I eat; ever. Then she started talking about homework and that got me upset for a while because I was not good in studies. She always came first in the class and I was not even in the top 10 list. It was embarrassing.

“How do you study that much? I hate books.” I asked.

“I don’t know, I like everything, it’s so simple, Maths and all.” She said like it was some kind of game, her favorite game.


“I take tuition, tuition are great, you learn a lot. Do you?” She said.

“No, I don’t take tuition at all. They are boring.”

“My tuition teacher is amazing; she makes everything so easy.”


“You can come sometimes and study. You live next block right?” she asked. Yes, I do.

“Is that possible?” I asked, as if it was really impossible to do.

“Yeah, I’ll talk my Mom about it and she’ll ask your Mom. Is it okay?”

“Totally.” I’ll spend time with her, how cool is that.

“But my Mommy said that, bright kids should hang out with bright kids; only. Either they will get spoiled. I don’t want you to fail.” I said sadly.

“ha ha… did your Mom said that you are bright too?” she smiled.

“I guess, she didn’t.”

“You know what, you are nice and funny…”

“Am I?” I asked foolishly.

“Why are you smiling that much?” she asked.

“I don’t know.”

“ha ha”

I really don’t know what is happening with me, she looks so cute when she smiles that I wanna pull her cheeks. Not in the hard way but in that soft kind of way. Aww… She told me that you are adults and you’ll understand this, please don’t understand any bad things about me and if you do please don’t tell her or Mommy, I really wanna study with her.


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