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Hey, remember when I said “This is me telling all of those people to take their judgement and shove it up their asses.” I really meant it. Remember when I said that judgmental opinions don’t reach me? I really meant it.

I truly hope you feel better having gotten that off your chest and am genuinely honored that what I’ve written struck a chord so deep within you that you not only took the time to respond, but even wrote your own piece, which I have kindly linked so that you get more views and reads on your disgusting opinions!

Thank you for your feedback. I’ll be sure to think of you the next time I willingly let a guy shove his cock inside me and the next time I drink a PBR (not sure what you have against my favorite beer).

One more note before I go, I published this piece under my real name because, like I said, I am not ashamed. However, I’ve noticed that you aren’t publishing under your own name. How unfortunate. I can only assume that you are ashamed of your opinions. I challenge you to come out of the darkness and show us your face, dear reader. I’d love to know the person who hates me so.

Really, though, I appreciate the feedback.