No more resumes, please!

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I have been applying for jobs since the past one month and I knew my resume wasn’t up to mark.

So I attended a few workshops on resume writing.

I read articles about the best ways to write a resume.

I followed recruiters advice about which resumes get the most attention.

And I wrote.

But, let me tell you, it has been the most perplexing experience ever.

When I wrote a resume based on standard format (which keeps changing every few days), I realized it gave absolutely no indication of my personality. I wrote my name and contact information, highlight of qualifications, work experience and education. I had to fit everything on one page because the recruiters have no time to read more than that. No wonder recruiters have trouble selecting the best candidates. I would be bored out of my mind reading the same thing 100 times a day.

I wonder how many people with great potential have been lost in the world of mediocre resumes.

Its time to change.

This upcoming trend of using Facebook profiles along with LinkedIn (and Twitter) to recruit people is a great idea. These profiles have much more information about potential candidates, which you will never be able to get through a resume. You will get all the information you receive from a resume like introduction, work experience, and education. In addition to this, you will get an insight into that person as a whole. The personality comes through via a Facebook/ LinkedIn account.

It will also make people more social media conscious, responsible about their actions and hopefully they will stop harassing others online.

This is a request to all the recruiters. Please make a uniform process and make it public. A one page resume is a sad way to judge a person’s potential. It won’t show that I am an avid trekker, painter, writer and that I love humour. The entire space goes in writing about my work experience and education.

This is for everyone’s benefit, yours and ours. Make this change today.

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