‘Doors’- they are amazing things!!

A door can fill me with anticipation and anxiety, fear and hope, joy and sadness …. and yet all it is, is a plank of hardwood!

Okay let me re-frame that.. it may not be just plain hardwood… you could be facing a gently carved — painstakingly polished piece of art, or an impregnable piece of heavily metal, a see- through grill, or a peek-a-boo glass door, but the sentiment with which we all approach it, is much the same.

I question my trepidation. Why is it, that I react to the unknown as if it is known??? Why is my ‘known’ so inherent, so fundamental, so ingrained that it makes me forget; what is behind the door is a gift- because it is unknown !

I am here bringing sense to my sensibilities which work over-time. My pre-conceived unreality which distorts my reality, my childhood bogey- man who materialises and dictates…. I can imagine bits of that beyond because of my learning, my experiences, but that vision is limited by my tarnished glasses, those I have forever worn. They have now grown into my skin, and have never been washed. They have become my reality. I was not born with them but I can’t seem to get them off.

Why- I wonder, is my conditioning so huge that it does not let me neutralise. Should can I not approach the door, smile into it, and say with equanimity —

“Hey buddy, I know you have something in there for me. I know its going to be incredible because it holds a world beyond that I have yet to savour.

You are there to make me pause, stop, and re-consider. You are there to relieve me of my burdens, the baggage, the clutter-- everything I own, and enter as through, bathed and new.

Thanks for standing there, stoic and unrelenting — but make sure you are there every day of my life, every living moment’ to make me stop and feel the magic of life as though it was created just then, momentously-just for me!”

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