this ‘door’ thing again…..

‘Sometimes in life, you walk through a door only to realize that you can never go back to being the person you were before.
You can not not open a door once you have walked through it.
However, this was a door that I sorely needed to shut.
I closed the door on an anxious, lost person to become a stronger, more resilient one.’ benjamin foley
These lines got entangled in the hinges of my doors. The reality struck me -you are destined to go through new doors every day, every hour, every moment… there is no turning back once you open that door, there is no questioning why you are at the door or whether you will cross or not. You just do it because doors don’t have alleys…
The good thing is all doors lead forward. And there is no looking back because the damn things shut as soon as you leave the threshold.
Great stuff…. The reckoning !! …. that we all just need to move on and we will eventually get somewhere. And Some doors — tight, suffocating, intrusive are best left behind, locked and forgotten… they were a past, a learning- a happening- an experience, to make the doors of the future open is spaces that we look forward to, spaces where we can breathe again freely to expand and re invent our paths and excitedly wait for the next one to open!
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