Effectiness of Advertisement

Kamonwan Ch
3 min readFeb 28


The powerful message of the business.

Advertisements have an important role nowadays because of the rapid development of the economy. One of the most interesting products for people is a car. Cars have become essential in modern-day life because everyone uses a car to transport themselves from place to place. Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, a theory in psychology proposed by Abraham Maslow in 1943, suggests that people need to satisfy lower-level needs before they decide to fulfill their higher level of needs. All cars are the same, but advertisers try to make audiences feel more than desirable by using attractive advertisements. These advertisements combine slogans, pictures, and color design. It makes the different choices of the audience.

The slogan is focused because it attracts the audience’s attention. It is a memorable phrase frequently used to express an idea or purpose, appearing beneath or beside the brand name or logo. The slogans should show the advantage of the product or respond to the audience’s needs. An advertisement must also meet the criteria of a successful persuasive text. According to Leech (1966), they are:

- Attention value must be in the limelight and relies on unconventional language usage.

- Readability must be pleasurable and easy to read to maintain its evoked interest.

- Memorability, the text must be recognizable.

-Selling power must also facilitate the customers to buy and promote the advertised item or idea.

Moreover, color in the advertisement is also an essential factor. It is powerful because it significantly impacts the audience’s emotions and perception. Color will represent the message of the business. Using the right color can affect the decision-making process with surprising effectiveness.

For example, the BMW 5 series advertisement slogan is “BUSINESS ATHLETE”. Capitalization is used to produce the prominent effect. It is like a headline to attract more attention and stress the significant phases to impress the audiences. This slogan has attention value. When we see the word “athlete” , we usually think about a person who competes in a sports game. However, the advertisement also expresses the term “business”, so the audience can feel that the user of this car will be professional and successful in the business game. The selling power of this advertisement can affect middle-class and upper-class people.

The car in the picture is running on the road, and the wheels are spinning. In my opinion, it shows that BMW 5 series is powerful and possible to move forward to meet the goal. Moreover, the silver color is applied to this advertisement. The silver color is a cold bright color. It enhances a sensation of modernity and professionalism. It is an excellent composition for businesses and luxury.

All in all, understanding the meanings behind the slogan, picture, and color in advertisements is important. When you know the purpose and power of the ad, you can shape your perceptions in the right way and make a good decision to achieve what you really need.