Beginning My Digital Project

I am on a non-service learning track for my CLA 1005 class, and I want to choose a more auto-ethnographic style for my digital project. I want to choose this style because I still feel like I haven’t 100% developed into my own person quite yet, and because I am starting college, I’m thinking that there couldn’t be a better opportunity than this project to discover who I am. I really want to figure out my own identity through this video project and maybe learn something about others’ identities as well. I plan on obtaining information for my story through my own thoughts and opinions along with some research and observations of my own. I will perform interviews of friends, strangers, and faculty to uncover their opinions and observations as well. An important part of this class is to learn about others including their ethnicity, race, gender, nationality, etc., so I want to interview a wide variety of people who are all unique in there own way and learn through their experiences especially. Some main questions I want to ask are how my college experience will play out as a first generation student compared to others, and whether it will even affect my college experience at all. I also want to ask about how joining student groups and if participating in campus engagement will affect my experience here. I want to know how if my major/work load is going to affect different aspects of my life, for example the social aspects or my time management and if others feel the same way that I do. What I really want to do though, is I want to focus on the social pieces of the college experience specifically. I want to learn about why I am different from others, and what different experiences I have than others; why I am treated differently, how other people treat people of the same or different race, gender, etc. I want to know whether or not where people originate from are treated differently because of it. I want to learn about the social and not so social people of this university. I want to know if there is a social ladder that will bring me to the top of the list at parties, or if there is certain degree of antisocial behavior I can elicit if I don’t want to be seen or heard. I want to know if this idea of socialization and these different view points change the way other people see college life and change the way I would see things within my college career. I want to figure out why people are attracted to each other — not intimately, but as acquaintances, friends, and best friends that wont leave each others’ sides — and what causes this attraction. Finally, through this all I want to know where I fit in. Where do I stand within all of these fine lines and broad spectrums of the college experience. How do all of these social constructs, values, and interests change my identity and the identity of others. My goal is to learn about myself through others. Compare my strengths, weaknesses, interests, habits, academics, and more to figure out what creates who I am. Now, I don’t know if even half of these question pertain to what I should actually be researching and observing, but the question I am being asked tells me what would I like to know about my identity and my college experience, so I suppose this is my answer.

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