The Economics of Running a Curated Newsletter

Andrew Kamphey
Dec 23, 2018 · 3 min read

Built it for… Myself

The growth tactics I’ve used in the past year:

Yearly Costs

Domain — — $12.99 per year

Landing Page Builder and Host — — $24 per year(Black Friday coupon code)

Linked In Premium — $575.88 per Year

Monthly Costs

Email Provider — Mailchimp — Currently $40.00 per month

Mailchimp’s First Year total cost: $250

One Time Costs

Feedly — $45 (Cancelled because I don’t use it at all)

AppSumo deal for MeetLeonard — $49

Illustrator for Influnce100 — $120

Writer for Influence100 — $200


Total Cost

Total Revenue

Total Loss

What’s Next?

More Revenue

More Subscribers

You can do it too, Here’s what it took to start this:

Andrew Kamphey

Written by

Founder of | Former Santa | Instagram Growth Hacker

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