Your Hashtags Suck

Andrew Kamphey
Sep 10, 2018 · 7 min read
Your hashtags are upsetting babies!

So You’re following all the so-called Best Practices

Let’s Be Real

You Don’t Click Hashtags Yourself

I know how much people click

Check It Yourself

If you can’t do math…

Screenshot your stats, email them to me:

I’ll do the math for you.

The Act of Finding Hashtags Suck

Your Hashtags Cause People to Leave

You’re the poor sap

Your Fans Hate Hashtags Too

A Hashtag Test

Our Results

What we think happened

Give Your Followers What They Want


Who To Tag

Feature Accounts

I’ll Help You

Give to Get

Call To Action (CTA)

Hey Family: Check out this great feed of other photos from Paris. Really love what is doing. Explore the feed at #paris_vacations

Do it to increase “Repeat Readers”

Flavors of CTA’s


Right now

Create Your Own Unique Hashtag(s)

Be Greedy, for Once

Origins of Hashtags


I create

Top 9

My Friend Needs This!

Why am I writing this?

Andrew Kamphey

Written by

Founder of | Former Santa | Instagram Growth Hacker

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