How to Hint at the Future of Human Computer Interaction with Foldable Computers in Under 2 Minutes

Introducing Horseshoe Bend

At CES 2020, Intel introduced a concept prototype code-named Horseshoe Bend, a 17" foldable computer. As Digital Trends noted:

[Intel’s Corporate Vice President of Mobile Platforms Group Chris Walker] didn’t talk about the hardware within at first, but instead focused on demonstrating the possibilities of a unified screen. He showed…

A recommendation of books, articles, and videos.

Me: Let me know if you want any book or article recommendations
Them: yeah..if there is the 1 book that you think will be almost like a manual…will be great
Me: A manual to _____ ?

Taking the time to explain design jargon when I realize I’m using it.

In human words

Designing with a constraint, such as a small phone screen, forces people to focus on what is most important to the person interacting with the design.

Expanding upon that

Designing with a mobile first mindset doesn’t necessarily mean that the…

Follow up questions I got after my DesignOps Summit 2019 talk

I gave at talk at the DesignOps Summit 2019 about our design team at Intel, which is the product of a #re-org.

Before jumping into Q&A, here’s the summary from the program:

“Prototype” vs “Prototype” — Breaking Down and Rebuilding Our Understanding of What We Do

Re-orgs are inevitable…

Inclusive Design and Visual Communication

I love visualizations. I prefer working on whiteboards where I have the freedom to think spatially. It is beyond satisfying to come up with a visual framework to succinctly explain a concept.

Then something happened to give me pause.

I ran an Inclusive Design Jam at work. The goal was…

Articles to inspire thinking about inclusive design

In preparation for an upcoming design jam* focused on inclusive design, I’m gathering articles to help spark ideas and open minds to opportunity areas for innovation.

Proposed presentation for the DesignOps Summit conference

This is the proposal I submitted to the DesignOps Summit for 2019. I’m early in my journey to learn and apply DesignOps within our multidisciplinary design team. I am starting small and sharing out what I learn about DesignOps with the broader company wide user experience community as I go.

Presentation Description

What, Why, You, and Me


I created to be a home for the various canvases I’ve made for virtual and augmented reality (V/AR) rapid concept prototyping. …

What would you want to hear more about?

Some Background Context

I’ve have started introducing DesignOps to Intel, a huge engineering focused corporation. People are often surprised to hear that we even have UX Designers in the first place, let alone DesignOps. As a UX Designer at Intel, I work on projects that impact the relationship between humans and compute —…

It’s like wireframes, but for sharing your design process

You want to write a case study for your portfolio, but you can’t because the content is confidential. What do you do?

The first thing is to step back and think about what do people want to learn from reading your case study. It’s probably not about the actual project…

Saara Kamppari-Miller

UX Designer @ Intel, Co-Founder Closet Minimal, and Eclipse Chaser. Rapid prototyping advocate who thrives in ambiguity. ♥️ V/AR & Foldable PCs. Opinions = own.

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