6 Things Android Phones Did Before iPhone X

1. OLED Displays:

Samsung has been using AMOLED displays (Variant of OLED) since Galaxy S1, that’s 9 years old. Also a lot of other phones are using these displays since ages, but Apple has started using it in late 2017 with iPhone X. The reason they stated was, it is now the time that OLED tech is good enough to put in an iPhone. (Whatever 🙄)

Just to give you the context, OLED displays are better than any other displays in terms of contrast, power efficiency, color saturation.

2. Edge to edge display:

This is obvious to everyone, but to give you a reference about when did this all “bezelless” trend started, have a look at this phone from a company called Sharp and the name of phone is Aquos Crystal

This trend was later followed by, Xiaomi Mi Mix

Also LG G6

And Galaxy S8

Also Note 8 etc……

So iPhone X wasn’t the first.

3. Wireless Charging:

This is again has been a standard feature on most of flagship android phones since the days of Nexus 4 which came in Oct 2012.

Technically you need glass backs for wireless charging to be supported, iPhone 4 had that already but Apple decided to move to metal back from iPhone 5 onwards which killed the possibility of wireless charging until iPhone X.

4. Getting Rid of Home Button:

Well, Galaxy Nexus was the first Android phone to have no physical home button, which was announced way back in 2011. Instead of physical button it had software buttons for home, back and multitasking.

But surely apple did catch-up with iPhone X

5. Augmented Reality:

Sony has been using the AR capabilities in their phones since a long time with their camera

Also Google took it to another level with project Tango where you can literally map your physical room into your specific phone to create a virtual map.

6. Facial Recognition:

This was announced with Android Ice-cream Sandwich in 2011, though it wasn’t exactly secure since it can be fooled with a picture, but it was a first step of what Apple has implemented it today in iPhone X

Hope you liked the article, also if you come across a few more things that Android did prior to iPhone X, then comment it below.

PS: not an iPhone hater, just a few facts that I wanted to post.

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