MASK Health & Education Foundation (MHEF)-A Ray of Hope


We want to work for Health and Education development to support needy people like in Edhi Foundation. Creating new paths for better Pakistan because these peoples are the key to our future.

A good quality education is the foundation of health and well-being. Education develops skill values and attitudes that enables citizens to lead healthy and fulfilled lives, makes informed decisions and respond to local and global challenges.

The organization is committed to strengthening the links between education and health in a more comprehensive approach to school health and coordinated action across sectors is needed.


Promoting early childcare and development to ensure a right start to education in lower classes especially in the centers like Edhi Foundation.

Helping schools provides supplies, safe water and sanitation.

Safeguarding the right to education in emergencies in Edhi centers.

Assessing individual and community needs for health education includes determination of community resources available to address the problem.

Involves facilitating cooperation among personnel’s, both within and between programs.

Advocate for the profession of health and education.

Awareness through lectures and seminars.

Fund raising through organizing events and activities in school, universities and public places.



Introduction and Planning:

Kamran Roshan khan

Kiran Zubair

Event Organizer:

Kiran Zubair

Shahrukh Imtiaz

Media Assistant:

Mehwish Iftikhar

Arooj Toufique

Blog Writer:

Kamran Roshan Khan

Presented By: MASK Health & Education Foundation