Sharing a Story of Mentor:

“A Mentor is someone who guides you, give suggestion

Or advices and give benefits”

A person who guides you in achieving success is called mentor. He or she can be your father, mother, school teacher, your siblings, your spouse, your friend or from you professional network. He/she is the guy who assists you in choosing right path in your life or career.

The importance of mentor can never be denied. Every person has many mentors throughout his life so there is always one or more than one mentors behind every successful person. And there are many examples from the past like Many great personalities like Allama Iqbal,Rumi,Abdul Kalam, Einstein, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,Ishfaq Ahmad ,Nadeem Ghauri and etc. All of them had mentors, who showed them the path of success.

Coming towards my mentor, named Dr. Hammad Nadeem Tahir. He taught me two courses, Breeding field crops and Breeding under stress environment. His way of teaching is totally different I saw in my whole life. He is totally different and he is one of those professors who is ideal personality for hundreds of students. His advices were proved to be asset in my life. His every talk has some kind of goal and all the advices are very deep and helpful for me. Whenever I faced any problem In my life I always went to him and discuss with him and he is so humble and good nature person. He gives me very precious advices which all proved to be beneficial for me. He is also my supervisor in Second and third semester projects. And I know without his guidance it might not be possible to accomplish this.

Now, I want to mention about the importance of humility, required in context of mentor. Humility is related to accepting advices, not considering ourselves perfect and assuming the addressing person counseling will definitely help to get improve.

This attitude helped me to overcome my ego as I am sometime very egoistic person. So I changed myself and it was Humility that caused our every meeting effective, and it was the reason that I accepted always his feedback as gift and acted upon them accordingly. And if I was not humble, I think I would defend myself and would never be able to think that his advices could be right. So Humility is very important to find your Mentor and maximize your relationship with them.

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