With so much in the news, you may want a simple guide to the facts. What has our government’s response to the coronavirus been? How has the US approach worked? Maybe these notes can be helpful in conversations with friends, or maybe it can help by making sense of the events of this year. My only hope is that what is presented be the facts, and that it brings us an inch closer to a solution.

The Coronavirus Pandemic (January 2020 — ongoing)

  • The US president considered the virus to be unimportant and under control from January 22nd, 2020 until…

A recent article reminded me of the importance of rest, of observing one day a week where one casts off the heavy burdens of work and expectation. In a world where many of us are caught in the continual vortex between Monday and Friday, there’s something to be said about reserving space to enjoy a moment of untouched time.

Motivated to throw off the constraints of our present day, I did the most random thing I could think of this weekend: I read some Latin. Okay, I looked at Latin and read the English translation. …

The House Appropriations Committee called forth Department of Defense officials to testify on emergency funding for the border wall (photo from the House Appropriations Committee, February 27, 2019).

While national attention honed in on Michael Cohen’s second appearance before Congress — and the contentious, tenor-setting back-and-forth between Representative Meadows and Chairman Cummings in the first minutes of the hearing — another brawl was happening just a few steps away in the House Appropriations Committee.

Congressional members of this committee, who traditionally hold ‘the power of the purse’ in allocating where our federal money goes, brought officials from the Department of Defense in on Wednesday to testify on how exactly the Department was going to come up with the billions of dollars to construct the border wall, after the…

Kamran Jamil

Former Managing Editor at the Harvard Health Policy Review, Masters student in the history of international policy at Cambridge.

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