Small Task Rewards

Earn at least $35 a Week + Weekly Payments via PayPal! Go To Link To Sign Up or To Learn More Information. 
1.Q: Is a credit card required?
A: No, you will never be required to enter any credit card information.
2.Q: Do any of the tasks cost money?
A: Absolutely not! Every task we upload is 100% free App installs, Short videos, etc.
3.Q: When will I receive my money and how often will I get paid?
A: We pay out every Tuesday via PayPal.
4.Q: A link to a task isn’t working, what do I do?
A: First try to close out of the link and reload it. If that doesn’t fix the link then please click on the message icon at the bottom of your screen to talk to a live agent or leave a message and we will send a updated link.
5.Q: Is the live chat 24/7?
A: No, live agents are only available Mon-Fri 10am-4pm CT.
6.Q: How often is my dashboard updated?
A: Dashboards are updated every day at 12am CT to ensure fraudulent activity is not happening.
7.Q: Is there a minimum amount of money I have to earn before I can receive my earnings?
A: Yes you must earn a minimum of $10.00 before you can receive your earnings that week. If you do not meet the minimum payment required then your earnings will roll over to to the next week until you earn at least $10.00 then you will be paid via PayPal that coming up Pay day.
8.Q: I just signed up and my dashboard page is blank why is this?
A: All you should see on your dashboard page when you first sign up is your Username, after you do tasks your dashboard will have your pending earnings at 12am CT when dashboards are updated

How To Start? What Do I Do?

Step 1
Sign Up to Create an Account.
Step 2
Go To the Tasks Area & Complete the Tasks. (New tasks are uploaded daily)
Step 3
Check Your Dashboard to Keep Up With Your Earnings. (Earnings are updated once every 24hrs)