Urban Clothing and Hip- Hop are One

Urban clothing is a brand that is dynamically different from others. When urban clothing comes to mind I think of the 80’s, rappers, and neon windbreakers. You know, the highlighter yellow and green windbreakers. I also think of gold bulky jewelry, and oversized jeans with Air Forces. Both men and women were seen wearing baggy jeans and shirts take Aaliyah for example. Aaliyah dressed like the guys with her Tommy Hilfiger boxers showing from her overalls, which made her different from others. See, urban clothing is not something you just put together over night it has to come natural. Although, there are iconic people who have given urban clothing a significant place in today’s culture. This blog will inform you on how hip hop and urban clothing are one.

In the beginning urban clothing began with Pam Grier (Foxy Brown) with her Afro and centric style, RUN DMC with their black jogging suits with the white stripes down the pants leg and the whitest Adidas. Our urban clothing inspirations are from Beyoncé Knowles who is one founder of House of Dereon and Sean (P.Diddy) Combs founder of Sean John. These are both three very successful companies who all started with their love for music. Urban clothing is inspired by music in general. Hip-hop is one that just keeps prevailing style in urban clothing.

To justify how hip-hop correlates with urban clothing I will show clips from some two films and how urban clothing has progressed over time. The two films chosen are House Party and ATL. To give a brief overview House Party was debuted in 1990. The movie is about two guys named Kid and Play who throw a party while Play’s parents are out of town. Kid is prohibited to attend the party because he had gotten in an altercation at school that evening. In the film House Party they display the body, sound, and time well. In the dance battle attached clips it shows two young guys battling two young women. Kid and Play are both dressed in dress pants with blazers over their button down shirts. Sydney is wearing Harlem pants with tribal vest over her yellow bustea Sharane is wearing a spandex jumpsuit that shows her toned shape. When using their body it was a lot of facial expressions, footwork, spinning, and boosting between the sexes. The song played in the scene was “Ain’t my type of hype” by Full Force. Some of the members of Full Force played as bullies in the film. The song is full of instruments such as, symbol, trumpets, drums, horns, and claps.

In ATL there is a different atmosphere because it is based in the south from the heart of Georgia. A brief overview of ATL debuted in 2006. Rapper T.I. is the man character he plays Rashad, Rashad and his crew are known around the skating rink for their moves. New New is a girl from a rural neighborhood who wants to learn how to skate and have a sense of swag like the urban community. In the chosen clip Rashad is introducing all of the skate crews who they often battle with. There are several different clothing trends in this scene. The “D Boys” were gang related even though he didn’t specifically say that, he mentioned that somebody always dying from they click. The girls skaters named, the “Dolo Girls” were dressed in short shorts with white beaters on they also wore bunny tails on their belt buckle loop. Women have always been seen as cute but, not too sexy in hip-hop. Rashad’s group “The Ones” wearing jeans, baggy plain tees, some wore hats, and sweat headbands. In ATL he displays that there are all types of people who come to skate and some who just come for the music. The song played in the clip has tons of horns and trumpets, but the song was mostly chopped and screwed.

Many teens enjoy going out steering away from problems at home, school, or society as a whole. Hip-hop was the way for the teens to stay out of trouble by expressing their emotions through dance moves and rap. In both movies hip-hop was one of their reasons to go out. Music is an escape for lots of people. When you are in a space that is your comfort zone you feel free from your problems or worries. Urban clothing changes because the years pass by and new ideas are created but history always repeats itself and urban clothing is a part of history.

House Party
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