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Figma design kit. Android app templates

Smart mobile design system to create any Android layout

Want to build your high quality Android app within just few days? Use this Figma design kit to accelerate your design process and complete tasks faster.

High quality bundle of elements and templates where every user’s case is considered. Paginated into 17 categories to make sure you could take any layout/pattern and rebuild/customize to cover your needs. Here are the categories for the latest version of this design kit: Activity, Shopping Cart, Planner, Checkout, Content Screens, Promotion, Discover, Home, Filters, Item Screens, Maps, Sidemenus, Profile, Search, Social Screens, Wishlist

This kit was made as smart Design System for any mobile app. Crafted with attention to mobile usability, including frequent UX patterns and user flows. This smart library of components and application templates is ready to be published for your team to kickstart your next project Figma.

Highlights & Features of Figma Android Kit

  • Included: 140 mobile app templates & 250+ material UI components
  • Mobile design system for Figma which based on Atomic design principles
  • Customize molecules and atoms to override whole templates and pages
  • Made with guidelines followed by 8dp grid
  • Uses Figma ‘Instance’ features at maximum
  • Few different styles & combinations to choose from

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For whom this product will be useful

For product, UI / UX designers

Stop creating from scratch the same buttons, icons and modules along with every new project started. Use this huge library of predefined UI modules to complete your tasks faster.

For web / app developers

This system will let you dip into design process, learn or enhance prototyping skills. Use Figma ‘Instance’ feature to create layouts without design skills. No reason to edit pixels manually, unless you want to go deeper in customization.

For IT managers / entrepreneurs

Simply equip your development team with this premade design system architecture and save time without building it from scratch. Release your apps faster by using this Material Design System core in advance.

What about the updates?

Last week plus few days I’ve been working on new material templates for Figma Android Kit. This theme was inspired by recent Google’s apps visual improvements, so I decided to create something similar but went out through my own vision of things.

So, here’s the new skin for 140 high-quality Android templates more looking like iOS apps instead of classic Android. But as soon as the library was upgraded with iOS react components I assumed it’s good to have a choice. A choice to start the prototyping right with clear, simple, useful theme full of little UI details. Complex & reflex shadows, thin almost invisible strokes and new shapes for FABs. And it based on Rubik font. And everything rapidly customizable because made of components!

Right now, if you are about to purchase this product — you’ll get two themes: Android classic with Roboto font / Material minimal with Rubik font. And I know it’s good to have a choice 👈

Full preview of minimal theme templates right here

If you wish to preview the system in demo mode and explore how clear and qualitatively it was organized, please 🔎 Open demo in Figma

Happy prototyping! Best, Roman

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