On invite to andela’s boot camp in mind I had my own expectations about the typical day at andela. This day to me was to be filled with lots of learning, collaboration and challenges. Being a young developer challenges might freak me out but having the growth mindset, it always reminds me that every challenge is a stepping stone and a learning opportunity.


The main challenge I faced today was my coding speed, having cleared high school last year and started coding in January this year. But my growth mindset would let me move on no matter how fast people code I knew and believed that I had to do it and I could do it. I believed that no one knows everything and my main aim at andela is to learn and more so to learn from others through collaboration.It came to a point when the internet was too slow and none of my pages were loading, i got nervous at first but I realized that was not the solution considering I was already behind so it was wise of me to cool down and ask for help from my facilitator.


I was in a team of eight people where we had a facilitator. I made sure to ask questions when stuck because without so I wouldn’t achieve what was expected of me that day and with that I even learnt that through my questions other people could even learn.I could even get other people ask me about the installation of python in the terminal where we could help each other and at the end of it all learn from each other which is the main thing.At times I would find myself damn, like in the TDD i didn’t get how the test and the main code would work together only to realize a simple import statement made the difference. But what I believe is that, that fact will never leave my mind again.


My day one at boot camp met my expectations and even more. There was much to learn than I expected especially in the TDD which I had no idea about.But majorly my day was awesome.