“Let me now introduce the speaker to grace the occasion with..” droned the presenter.

I could just not wait for the seminar to end. They had promised a good seminar. They would be renowned speakers, of good repute. They would be talking on very crucial issues of the Companies Act. It would be an enlightening experience, I was told. And I tagged along, to be in the ‘knowledgeable’ circles.

The program started as committed, at 9:30, with the usual introductions. The gathering was comprised of professionals all sitting around tables, waiting for the program to start. There were many faces, some knowledgeable, some bored, fresh, enthusiastic and even a sleepy face. There was every face that one could conceive of.

The speaker of the program began with the usual bout of introductions.

“Good morning one and all, I introduce to you the chief guest of the occasion ..” He went on to quote the educational and professional qualifications and experiences of the Chief Guest. This went on for some time, and then, introduced the Chief Guest to the stage, presented with a memento, and when the Chief Guest took the mike to a warm applause, he droned on for twenty more minutes, on the vagaries and the challenges posed by the new law, and after some time of touching on general topics, passed on the mike back to the speaker. It was now a clear forty minutes since the program had begun.

The speaker again went on to introduce the chief guest of the session. I was now shuffling in my seat. When was the last time I had even heard of a Chief Guest of the program and a Chief Guest to preside over a session? The chief guest of the session walked on stage, and went on to ramble on the general issues faced in the topic, and then introduced the two speakers of the session. That introduction went on for longer. Finally, after an hour and a half of the total three hour session, the speakers began the technical session. Finally, I took out the notepad, and began to put pen to paper.

“I’m not going to give any presentations here, I will be talking more on a socratic manner,” began the first speaker, and I put down the pen and walked out, exasperated.

Imagine, if this whole write-up has been boring, that was pretty much how I felt throughout the seminar. Apparently, the whole seminar was a load of boredom, with no one touching on the technicalities, of the Companies Act. The act in itself is a new one, and there is much contemplation and doubt, about the rules prescribed therein. A discussion on it, only revolves around the difficulties faced with the new act, and not on the general aspects or introductions.

The modern way of carrying about a seminar is very weird, in that, it is absolutely not the way to carry a message to the people who have paid to be there. You don’t pay a truckload to go see the making of jewelry. You go there to hold the jewelry in your hands or around your neck. And if you like it, you gradually gather information on the speaker. And that is real grace.

What I attended recently, was sadly, the lack of it.

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