Music — A Memory

It has been a year of flying a lot, to think of it, for me. A lot of experiences, conversations, little embarrassments, a lot of joy, a silent gushing smile, a little boy inside me was having the time of his life in every single flight.

Aaaanyway, here I was, sitting at home, thinking about such random memories, listening to some songs, on this lazy Saturday. Then, this track played.

A earphone plugged in my ears. I stopped whatever I was doing. I closed my eyes. I am boarding the flight, the regular “Welcome aboard Sir” wishes, find the seat, fumble with the seat belts, and take up the window seat; the flight trundling to the runway; running out with the noise of accelerating turbines, feel the nose lift first with great vigor, gushing up in the air, and then, I am up there, calmly surveying the ground, looking at the minions that were huge trucks and vehicles that one would have been stuck with for hours on the road. The buildings were now no more than map coordinates that were zoomed out on a large map. A sense of false supremacy prevails, as I felt a control over the world below, I wondered as I slowly returned from my dream world to the excel sheet that was patiently waiting to kill me.

Some compositions play with emotions, an elation, an inexplicable sadness, violence, calming, everything, and boy am I glad that I have such beautiful music by my side, to take me places, to where I really want to be!

P.S. Tom Day music is fairly of a similar type, but I love it for the magical serene feeling that it reverberates every time I get to listen to it. A calmness in times of stress.

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