Creativity In a World of Conformity

It is not that easy to find your own voice in a world where most of us live to be accepted by the society. Still, if we really want it, we can find our own path by leaving the herd which will end up revealing our own creative ways. To take this path which requires personal awareness and self-discovery, the following methods will be of assistance:

“Realize the details around you.”

If you’re a musician you don’t just get inspiration out of music, but also from books, movies, people and nature. The more resources of inspiration you have, the more your ideas will differ from the crowd.

“Chase after new experiences.”

If you’re a person who creates, you’re probably one of those people who would like to live his life to the fullest. This is the exact motivation that lies behind going after experiences that you never had before. Step out of your comfort zone to gain new perspectives in life.

“Spend time in places where you actually feel good.”

To be working in an atmosphere which reflects our personality and an ordinary one is completely different. Wherever we spend time affects our mood directly. Therefore a workplace that is vibrant and fresh is crucial to boost our productivity.

“Spend some time alone.”

It is a fact that spending time alone is the key to develop personal awareness. The more we have a deeper understanding of ourselves, our cognitive and emotional processes and the world that surrounds us, the better we can apply this knowledge to our process of creation.

“Don’t hesitate to take an idea to the extreme.”

In this way you can step out of the context and move an idea to the unknown, which will reveal new realities and result in innovation.

There is never a single formula of being creative. Your creation is totally up to you. This could be a piece of illustration as well as a short story. As a content producer you can write, draw, direct, make recordings; whatever field you think you’re creative, you are able to produce your content to a wide range of audience with no format restrictions. You could be an astrology expert who is sharing their weekly comments as well as a nutritionist or a personal trainer. The examples are in fact limitless.

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