How much is your time really worth?

If you’re someone who’s about to transform his hobby into a profession, it would be wise to reconsider the answer to that question.

Take travelling for example. If you are somebody who takes travelling seriously and who wants to become a full-time traveller, may be the best thing would be to make money with only a laptop and an internet connection wherever in the world you are. If your profession lets you do so, why not?

This is probably where individual personality traits walk into place. And here I mean these two the most; courage and entrepreneurship.

When you think of the era we live in and the resources we possess in terms of technology, leading a mobile life while earning your life is definitely not as distant as before. It is totally up to how much you want to accomplish that and how much you’re willing to make the necessary choices and sacrifices to let this dream be your reality.

You might not necessarily be a graphic designer or a developer but somebody who has experience in the banking industry. You may transform your years of working experience into a financial consultation business, travel from one place to the other while consulting individuals and companies, as you take a sip from your mojito staring at the ocean view. Whatever your field may be, if you think you have the necessary qualifications, you can make money, and if you really want it, you can make it online.

As a content producer you can write, draw, direct, make recordings; whatever field you think you’re creative, you are able to produce your content to a wide range of audience with no format restrictions.

With KanalApp, users have the freedom to access the kind of content they need and publishers have the opportunity to create, promote and distribute your own content and get compensated financially. Any time, any where.

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