Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime

said Confucius. Those who are vegan or vegetarian, please relax, that’s just a metaphor you see.

Imagine that the sea is a huge platform and the fish are many of those creatures that fill it. If you have a particular content that you think is of value and you want to present it to an audience, you have your place in this platform too.

All that content that we create is distributed all at once through social media channels such as facebook, twitter or instagram. And without any financial compensation. The content that we keep producing as users is exactly what these platforms require to continue existing.

Its getting harder and harder to reach out to the exact content that we’re looking for as we keep the rat race in our daily lives at big cities.

How would it be to directly have the content we need from providers without any interruption? No ads, no third parties, no procedures. Think of a travel itinerary, or a customized nutrition programme that you need. All you have to do is to send a request to a wide range of content producers. You set the price and you negotiate. Total freedom.

In a world where content is the king and users are the ones who provide the most relevant and trustworthy content of all, it is now possible to request content and charge a fair price for the content produced through KanalApp.

As a user you have the freedom to access the kind of content you need; as a publisher you have the opportunity to create, promote and distribute your own content and get compensated financially. Anytime, anywhere.

KanalApp — One-stop-shop for content
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