Think of a city. Abandoned.

All the streets are empty, there are no buildings, no parks, no one. No billboards, no graffitis. It is yours to build from scratch. You could paint the walls of the buildings or make a garden of your own. You could make installations or statues in the streets. The city is all yours to live in and you customize it just as you want it to be. Doesn’t it sound appealing?

How would it be like in a virtual platform? Where anyone is able to share whatever they create according to their own talent and present it to the people who are interested. 
Your creation is totally up to you. This could be a piece of illustration as well as a short story. If your interest is street art in particular, you can make a short documentary about a street artist and showcase it in this online platform. No format restrictions. It could be in the form of a pdf or a video. Up to you.

As a content producer you can write, draw, direct, make recordings; whatever field your creativity lies, you are able to produce your content to a wide range of audience. You could be an astrology expert who is sharing their weekly comments as well as a nutritionist or a personal trainer. The examples are in fact limitless. 
As a user you are able to reach out to a wide range of content and charge for the ones that you would like to have access to. All the communication that takes place in this platform is directly between the user and the publisher.

With KanalApp, users have the freedom to access the kind of content you need and publishers have the opportunity to create, promote and distribute your own content and get compensated financially. Any time, any where.

KanalApp — One-stop-shop for content
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