What is your story? Say it quick, say it well.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella says, the true scare commodity of the near future is “human attention”. It is difficult to grab attention, collect followers and make them listen to your story. One of the most obvious solutions to the “attention” problems is creating the content with various formats and in “short form”. If you have a content which can create demand and sellable, you better distribute it in short form. This is what KanalApp does:

Presents your content to the potential buyers and makes it commercial!

At KanalApp World, every content creator is a Publisher. You can write, draw, direct, make recordings; whatever field you think you’re creative. You are able to produce your content to a wide range of audience with no format restrictions.

With KanalApp, users have the freedom to access the kind of content they need. Publishers have the opportunity to create, promote and distribute their own content and get compensated financially. Any time, anywhere.

KanalApp — One-stop-shop for content

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